Fantastic Sail aboard 62ft Lagoon Catamaran “SY Crocodile Daddy”

Sailing the British Virgin Islands for ten nights over Christmas & New Year,

This was the first time chartering in the Caribbean for this family of four from the UK.  The trip was a huge success.  
“Just what I had hoped for”
Head Charterer

SY Crocodile Daddy

'The kids really liked the Alligator'

'I fell off too many times to build any affection!'

How Did It Go ?

  This was the first time chartering in the Caribbean for this family of four from the UK. Sailing the British Virgin Islands for ten nights over Christmas & New Year, the trip was a huge success. Was the boat kept clean during your stay aboard? Yes, the crew were always busy keeping it spotless, inside and out. Was the advertised equipment on board? Yes, plus a bit more. Was this equipment in good condition and working properly? Yes. Were there any ‘toys’ you particularly enjoyed? The kids really liked the Alligator, I fell off too many times to build any affection! Did you feel the boat was comfortable – cabins, salon, cockpit, sunning space etc? Yes, the fly bridge really made a difference and we spent a lot of time up there. Other catamarans we saw didn’t have one, and it really is something that you appreciate, not only for the sun it provides but for the additional space. How did you find the Captain? Captain Philippe was brilliant, he was relaxed yet professional, friendly and really nice. He had a nice way about him, was lovely to the kids and was really diligent and went out of his way to ensure everything was OK. (Deckhand) Pierre was also great, he did a lot of the water-sports and was a good teacher and instructor to all of us. He led the way on snorkeling expeditions and again was really nice to all of us, especially the kids. Did you feel free to choose each day’s activities if you wanted to? Yes, normally the captain and I had a chat after breakfast about where we’d set off for that day and then we’d go there. The ball was completely in our court and his knowledge of the different islands was pretty good (we had the usual travel books to which supplemented local knowledge). Please describe the meals (i.e. presentation, quality, quantity) Patricia was the cook and she clearly had a passion for it. Every meal was immaculately prepared and presented and she really went to a lot of trouble. The food was really tasty. She was really good fun, again lovely with the kids and came out of her shell with her dancing on New Years Eve! If you requested any specific drinks etc. in your preference sheets, were they aboard? The boat was laden down with all sorts of drinks and you could have sunk a battleship with the amount of wine on board! Was the boat roughly what you expected? Yes, just what I had hoped for. Were there any questions we could have answered before the trip? What additional information would have been helpful? Think you covered everything off with me pretty well.

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“I just wanted to thank you for the greatest trip of a life time!!

This trip out did our greatest expectations! The crew was amazing, tailoring to our every wish. The food was above 5 star and it was incredible to us how this could be accomplished with such a small kitchen. Each day was better than the next and we have never been more relaxed in our lives. If anyone ever needs a reference please do not hesitate to have them call us. I hope one day we can take this trip again.

The Haltmans

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