British Virgin Islands

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Yacht Charter

Category 5 Hurricane “Irma” – Update #2

What makes the BVI one of the top cruising destinations in the world? The stunning beaches, crystal waters, and coral reefs accompanied by the consistent trade breezes – which are all still there to be enjoyed! If you are considering a cruise to the BVI – don’t change your mind – the BVI will now be like it was 30 years ago, with no crowds, pop-up beach bars, and friendly locals ready to welcome you with a cold beer.

The best thing you can do to support the re-development of the Islands is to continue your plans to charter a yacht – this will benefit local people who work in the yachting industry – boat cleaners, laundry workers, florists, delivery men, taxi drivers, dock workers & bar tenders.

The yachts which were undamaged are ready to charter, and the wonderful thing about being on a crewed yacht is that once you leave dock you are self sufficient with water-makers, stocked with food and drinks for the week, generators for A/C and a professional crew to look after you. There will be less boats chartering this season, meaning secluded bays and access to the best spots in the anchorages. The crew will know all the worthwhile places to visit – you will be able to explore the BVI as never before.