How to Save Money on your Phone Bill


November, 2016

Phone Bill



Yacht Charter

Whilst in the warm after-glow of your charter, translucent water and balmy breezes a not-so-distant memory, the easiest way to bring you crashing back down to earth is a shockingly large phone bill on your arrival home – you just couldn’t resist calling your loved ones to tell them what an amazing time you were having.

Think texting is a cheaper option? Don’t be fooled – phone companies charge higher rates for international texting and data-transmission costs can also be exorbitant.

Many world travelers have got caught in the trap of texting and downloading during their travels thinking they were still under their domestic calling plan – wrong!

Although many of our yachts have on board satellite phones which guests can use, but this is an even surer way to get yourself a large bill at the end of the charter.

Because the US operates on a different cell-phone standard than the rest of the world, your typical cell phone from back home won’t work in most Caribbean destinations.

The exception are phones that are compatible with the international GSM standard — also commonly called “tri-band” or “quad-band” phones (the Apple/AT&T iPhone and Verizon/Blackberry Storm are examples) — but even if you can get service you’ll pay high roaming charges.

If it is important that you stay in contact with the office or home during your yacht charter then sign up in advance for a discounted international calling plan.


Texting on Yacht

Below are also some suggested alternatives for staying in touch whilst cruising the islands:


  • E-mail from the yacht: Most of our yachts have complimentary internet access for guests to use, so either connect to the yachts wi-fi network with your laptop or handheld device or use the onboard computer.  O.K. – not quite the same as hearing a voice but at least it is a way of keeping in touch.
  • Use Skype:Any two people with Internet access and computers or handheld devices with the Skype application installed can talk for free online (you’ll need a microphone, of course, and a webcam if you want video, too). Skype also functions as a “Voice Over Internet Protocol” (VoIP) phone, meaning that for a reasonably low fee you can make international calls from your computer to a regular telephone number back home.
  • Use Wi-fi networks on shore:  Most resorts & hotels in the islands now have have Wifi, which you can use whilst you have a cocktail, or in some areas you can pay a minimal fee for 24hrs internet access.
  • Send a Post-Card – Do it the old-fashioned way… you may be home long before the card arrives, but isn’t it nice to receive a personal card in amongst the bills & junk mail? Every dollar you spend ashore helps support the economy of these beautiful Islands.

Every little bit counts, so rather than looking for one big way to save tons of money, save in lots of small ways and set yourself up for success!